ZARCH COLLABORATIVES is an architecture studio established in 1999 as Zong Architects and has over time developed a practice centred in architecture, yet in equal parts daringly and comfortably crossing multiple fields and disciplines in its approach to spatial design.

Building upon a collaborative vision where interaction between like-minded individuals both within and without is valued as part of the creative process, the studio has at various points in its growth found itself nestled within a community that included a graphic studio, a bar and a café.

The team works in a tightly-knit studio, where a buoyant, open ecology of effervescent conversations and intensive dialogue is valued. Working across varying scales and complexities, our portfolio is continuously expanding as we confound expectations and re-write the rule-book as to what an architecture-based practice is able to challenge. To date, we have worked on an eclectic mix of exhibition spaces, stage set designs, art installations, world expositions in addition to a steadily growing cache of interiors, private houses, cluster housing, condominiums and masterplans.